I received this email from Patrick Michiels on July 15 and I think it is important enough to share it with you!
The photos are at the bottom of the message...
Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help, My friend SYLVAIN BAROU (e-mail address below)
 had his bag stolen on Sunday off a train in Brussels, The train had just arrived and he had just put his 3 bags in the luggage rack and was making what turned out to be a 20 second phone call, there was a guy standing around next to him and as soon as sylvain had his back turned he had taken the bag and left the train all in under a minute, hopefully it never happens to any of us, it happens 6 times a day there lately we found out AFTERWARDS , anyway maybe it will turn up somewhere, some shop, e bay where-ever.
Here are some photos so you know what to look for -  please e mail it to music shops and musicians.
Many thanks again, Aidan Burke

The stolen goods were in a blue MATU bag:
- one D whistle and one Eb whistle built by Stephane Morvan - both 6 key flutes
  the D whistles has silver rings and a small crack in the mouth piece
- one F flute by Gilles Lehart
- two Neumann KM140 mikes
- one Audio technica PRO 35X mike
- one 15" Macbook Pro with a Cubase Protection Key and all cables

It is evident that these instrument are of immense value to Sylvain! Please keep an eye out for them around Brussels or on the internet

This goods will probably be sold from a shop or maybe on the internet e.g. on EBAY - if you hear or see anything
related to this info, please contact: 
Philip Masure of COMAS through email ( or mobile (+32) (0) 476 297 308
Sylvain Barou - email: